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Pet-friendly vacation rental homes in Teton Valley

Can’t bear the thought of leaving your dog at home? We get it, we love our pets too! That’s why many of our Teton Valley vacation rental homes are happy to welcome guests who want to bring their dogs with them when traveling. 

Teton Valley is a great place for a vacation getaway with dogs. Our vacation rentals offer lots of space inside and out for people and pets to play and enjoy our valley’s scenery and activities. With miles of hiking trails, rivers and streams perfect for doggie paddling, and plenty of pet-friendly businesses in Driggs, Victor and Tetonia, Teton Valley Idaho is a dog’s dream vacation destination. 

Whether you’re looking for a cozy cabin or a large spacious home with acres of grounds, we have all of this and more here at Teton Valley Vacation Rentals. Below we’ve highlighted a few of our pet-friendly rentals available that are located close to Grand Targhee, Jackson Hole, and the Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. 

Best Pet-Friendly Vacation Rentals in Teton Valley

Our favorite places to visit are the ones that let us bring our best friends along for the journey. And no pet-friendly vacation is complete without sprawling land to explore or a body of water to enjoy.

#1: Darby Cabin 

If you’re looking for a cozy retreat that’s perfect for dogs, this 1 bedroom, 1 bath cabin is surrounded by open space, lots of trees, and mountain views in all directions. 

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#2: Hatfield Teton Valley Recreational Dream Home

Located in a prime spot for outdoor explorers, this 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home offers all the best in access to activities that people and pets will love. You can hike or bike from the house directly to trails, rivers and streams, and enjoy lots of open space as well as access to all Teton valley offers. 

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#3: Teton View Lodge / Spindrift

This 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom, 4,300 square foot home is located just off Ski Hill Road, 10 miles from Grand Targhee Resort. It offers stunning views of the mountain scenery, an expansive front deck, and plenty of space inside and outside to roam. 

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#4: Wild Mustang

Lots of space inside and out that you and your pet will enjoy. With 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and 5 acres of property, you can sit back and enjoy the mountain views on all sides while your furry family members can explore and play. 

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#5: Windigo Lodge

The private location of this 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom home makes this a perfect place to stay with pets. Just steps from hiking trails into the Targhee National Forest, and easy access to Teton Valley and Jackson Hole, the possibilities for fun are endless. 

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#6: Darby Barn

The Darby Barn is located in a private area surrounded by open space, trees and miles of mountain views. There is also a large private backyard to enjoy the sun, relax, and watch your fluffy friends frolic in the great outdoors.

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#7: Driggs Townhome

This three-level townhome is located only ten miles from Grand Targhee Resort and provides enough space for the entire family (dogs, too!) to spread out after adventuring together.

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#8: Aspen Meadows

This 3 bedroom 3 bathroom home is located in the perfect location.  Close to Grand Targhee, just off Ski Hill Road, and a short distance to the nearby National Parks. Lots of space for to walk and play outside, too!

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