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The Best Cozy Spots in Teton Valley

Even the best vacation can have a day where the weather isn’t quite perfect and all you want to do is find a nice, cozy place to shelter from the storm. The silver lining when it comes to a rainy day is that it’s the perfect time to do what a lot of people forget on their vacation – actually relax! You don’t have to be stuck in your rental home, though, there are lots of places throughout the valley that provide warmth, entertainment, and a great place to spend some quiet time sorting through vacation photos, enjoying a deep conversation, or just taking a breath and enjoying the moment. 

If you’re looking for comfy surroundings, tucked-away nooks, activities for kids, and great food and drink, here are some perfect rainy-day hideaways to visit when you’re in Teton Valley. 

Teton Valley’s Cozy Coffee Shops 

Hot drinks, tasty pastries and soothing surroundings are what make all of our local coffee shops a great place to hang out on rainy days. Driggs and Victor both have some pretty great selections, including these: 

  • Alpine Air Coffee Café & Roastery: Popular local roasting company, located in Victor, indoor seating, light food menu.  
  • Wydaho Roasters: Beans roasted on the premises, an array of pastries and treats, cozy space using reclaimed wood, and custom metalwork.  
  • Rise Coffee House: Voted “Best of Teton Valley” for 6 years in a row, Rise Coffee House offers great food and drink, friendly service, and a great place to hang out. 

Valley of the Tetons Libraries

For kids or adults, nothing says cozy like a library. Grownups can browse the stacks or settle in with a magazine while kids can take part in one of the many activities offered at either of our Valley of the Tetons libraries. With locations in both Driggs and Victor, our local libraries are a great place to spend a rainy day. 

Shopping in Teton Valley

Who cares what the weather is like outside when you can spend time in one of our many great shops featuring everything from home décor to gardening to local art, clothing, souvenirs and more? 

  • MD Nursery / Mini Marigold Cafe: Large space, gorgeously decorated, jam-packed with lots of fun and interesting home and garden items, plus they have a mini coffee shop inside for drinks and treats. 
  • Farmhouse 208: Attention horse owners and horse lovers! This shop has fun and functional items, clothing, décor, gourmet goodies, horse and pet products and gear, and so much more.  
  • The Wardrobe Co. is located next to the Post Office in Driggs and offers clothing, home décor, jewelry, footwear, art, books, and even fun souvenirs to remember your stay. 

Cozy Dinner Options

  • Pizzeria Alpino: Some of the best pizza in the valley, warm lighting and surroundings, friendly service, cannoli to die for, and hand-made pasta dishes that always impress. 
  • Forage Bistro at Warbirds: A crackling fireplace, comfortable seating, full bar, all with one wall of windows offering a stunning view of the Tetons while you’re eating and drinking in comfort. 
  • Knotty Pine Supper Club: A traditional log-cabin style restaurant that’s a staple in Teton Valley for food and entertainment featuring bbq, steaks, seafood and live music later in the evenings. 

Best cozy rentals homes in Teton Valley

No matter what the weather is like, it’s always nice to have a comfortable, cozy place to go home to. When you plan your next trip to Teton Valley, keep these ideas in mind and check out our website to see the beautiful vacation rentals we offer. There are lots of lodges where you can stay in Driggs and Victor, but the best way to make your trip unforgettable is to set up your own basecamp with the privacy and amenities you want, creating an excellent place to call home for your stay.   

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