Terms & Conditions

In consideration of the monies received and the mutual promises contained herein, owner of the above described Property (“Owner”) does hereby lease and rent to Tenant that certain Property described above, under the following terms and conditions. Teton Valley Realty Management, Inc. (“Agent”) as rental Agent for the Owner has authority to sign this agreement on behalf of Owner.  THE PROPERTY IS RENTED WITHOUT RESPECT TO RACE, COLOR, RELIGION, SEX, NATIONAL ORIGIN, HANDICAP, OR FAMILIAL STATUS OF ANY TENANT.


  1. Reservations: Once a reservation is taken by Agent, Tenant must forward a signed agreement and make payments at times specified. Unless the agreement and all required payments are received by Agent when due the reservation may be cancelled without further notice and subject to the terms of Paragraph 5.
  2. Payment Policies: The balance of all payments are due no less than Thirty (30) days prior to check-in. Payment can be made by Master Card, Visa, money order, cashier check, certified checks, company checks, and personal checks subject to the following conditions: (a) Credit Cards will be accepted by phone or in person only; (b) When payment is made by credit card the person named and endorsing the Rental Agreement must also be the person whose name is on the credit card; (c) No personal checks or company checks will be accepted at check-in; and (d) A $50.00 service fee will be charged for all returned checks.
  3. Taxes: A 6% Idaho Sales Tax and a 2% Lodging Tax are required on all rentals. TAXES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE.
  4. Security Deposit: The deposit may be used by the Owner for actual damage to the Property, long distance phone calls, cable TV charges, or other expenses caused by Tenant. This deposit will be accounted for within 30 days of your departure with the credit card on file.
  5. Cancellations: If a reservation is cancelled and not re-rented for the cancelled period, all advance payments will be forfeited. If the Property is rerented for the contract amount all money prepaid will be refunded except a $75.00 cancellation fee. All cancellation or transfer requests by Tenant must be in writing. If the Property is re-rented for less than the contract amount, the refund will be further reduced by the difference between the contract amount and the amount actually received. A transfer from the Property to another will be considered a cancellation and subject to the guidelines outlined above. Transfers made from one week to another available week for this Property are allowed without forfeiture subject to Agent’s approval.
  6. Non-availability of Property: In the event that the Owner is unable to deliver the Property to Tenant at check-in because of fire, eminent domain, act of nature, double booking, delay in construction or any other reason whatsoever, Tenant’s sole remedy as a result of any of these conditions is the full refund within 60 days of Agent’s discovery of the condition of all funds previously received from Tenant. If Agent is able to relocate Tenant, Tenant agrees to pay any difference in rental rate. Tenant expressly acknowledges that in no event shall Agent or Owner be responsible or liable for any expenses incurred relating to Owner’s inability to deliver the Property or the relocation of Tenant.
  7. Other Refunds: There will be NO REFUNDS INCLUDING NO REFUNDS DUE TO INCLEMENT WEATHER, unless at the time the Tenant is to begin occupancy the Property is unfit and uninhabitable and no substitute can be found. The malfunction of equipment including but not limited to air conditioning, TV, pool, hot tub, appliances, power outage and telephone service will not automatically render the Property unfit and uninhabitable. No Amenities are Guaranteed. Every effort will be made to ensure that all equipment is in working order. Please report any inoperative equipment to Agent’s office promptly.  Agent and its representatives may enter the Property during reasonable hours to perform maintenance.
  8. Equipment and Furnishings: The Property is furnished according to individual Owner tastes. Agent is not responsible for Owner’s changing the furnishings after printing the brochure or errors contained therein.
  9. Check-In: Tenants must check-in after 3:00 p.m. A lock-box will be left at the rental on the door with a key code for your convenience. Your key code is: n/a No check-in will be allowed until all rent, taxes and fee have been paid in full. In extreme situations check-in time may be delayed until 5:00 p.m. for special cleaning and/or maintenance.
  10. Check-out: On the day of departure the Property must be vacated by 11:00 a.m. Leave the keys in the lock-box or on the kitchen counter. The Property should be left clean with beds stripped, dishes in the dishwasher, load of towels in the washing machine and all garbage bagged and/or in trash receptacle(s).
  11. Pets: Unless consented to in writing by Agent, pets are not allowed on the Property.  Only 1 dog will be permitted, unless otherwise provided in Agent’s written consent. Cats and other animals are strictly prohibited. If you bring a dog, a non-refundable fee of $75.00 plus Tax is charged for cleaning.
  12. Maximum Occupancy: The Property must not be occupied beyond a maximum occupancy  specified in the listing. Violation of this prohibition will result in eviction and forfeiture of all monies paid. No RV’s or Campers may be parked on the Property for the purpose of extra sleeping capacity.
  13. Hot Tubs: Use of Hot Tubs can pose risks ranging from infections to drowning. Please use these facilities with care. All use of such facilities is at Tenant’s or any other user’s own risk.  Hot Tubs may be visited by Agent during the week in order to monitor water quality. Please DO NOT remove floating or other devises that contain cleaning chemicals. If a cleaning is required during Tenant’s stay due to misuse, the cost will be charged to the Tenant.
  14. No Smoking Policy: There will be absolutely no smoking within the Property at any time. Tenant will be charged for cleaning and fumigation of the Property, if necessary for any smell of smoke.
  15. Acceptance of Rules and Regulations: Tenant agrees to comply with all rules and regulations applicable to the Property that are delivered to Tenant in writing by Agent or posted at the Property.
  16. Disturbances and Violation of Laws:  Tenant and the family, guests and invitees of Tenant shall not use the Property for any unlawful purpose and shall comply fully with all applicable federal, state and local laws and ordinances.  Tenant and the family, guests and invitees of Tenant shall not use the Property in a manner offensive to others.  Tenant and the family, guests and invitees of Tenant shall not create a nuisance by annoying, disturbing, inconveniencing or interfering with the quiet enjoyment of any other tenant or nearby resident.  Tenant agrees to immediately inform Agent and the appropriate authorities upon obtaining actual knowledge of any illegal acts on or about the Property.
  17. Drug Free Property:  Tenant, Tenant’s family and Tenant’s visitors or guests shall not possess, consume, manufacture or sell any illegal drug on or from the Property.  Violation of this Lease provision is grounds for immediate termination of this Lease without notice.  Tenant agrees that Landlord shall have the right to report evidence of drug-related activity to local law enforcement, and that the reporting of drug-related activity and the subsequent work of law enforcement shall not constitute interference with the Tenant’s quiet use and enjoyment of the Property.
  18. Disclaimer Of Security Warranties:  Landlord, the Agent, and their respective agents and employees make no warranties, guaranties or representations regarding the security of the Property or any areas around the Property, and any such warranties and representations, whether expressed or implied, are hereby disclaimed.  Tenant hereby agrees and acknowledges that Tenant shall have the exclusive responsibility of protecting the Property, Tenant and Tenant’s family, invitees and guests from crime, fire, and other danger.  Neither Landlord nor the Agent shall provide and/or have any duty to provide any security devices to Tenant or the Property.  Tenant shall look solely to the public police force and other forms of public safety for protection.  Tenant agrees and acknowledges that protection against criminal action is not within the power or responsibility of Landlord, the Agent, or their respective agents or employees, and though Landlord or the Agent, from time to time, may provide crime deterrent services, those services cannot be relied upon by Tenant and shall not constitute a waiver of, or in any manner modify, the terms of this provision.  Upon Tenant’s reasonable request, Landlord shall consider permitting Tenant to install fire safety and/or crime deterrent devices, provided such devices do not damage the Property or create any danger to person or property, and Tenant provides the Agent with duplicate keys and alarm codes enabling the Agent to access the Property.
  19. Notice of Injuries on Property: In the event of any significant injury or damage to Tenant, or any of Tenant’s family, servants, invitees, or guests, or any personal property, suffered on or about the Property, written notice of same shall be provided by Tenant to the Agent at the addresses designated for delivery of notices (identical to address for payment of rent) as soon as possible but not later than three (3) days after said injury or damage.  Failure to provide such notice shall constitute a breach of this Lease.
  20. Risk of Injury or Loss: Tenant’s entry onto and use and occupancy of the Property constitutes Tenant’s acceptance of the Property in its “AS IS” current condition.  Tenant assumes all risk of injury or loss to person or property relating to or resulting from Tenant’s use or occupancy of the Property.  Neither Owner nor Agent carry insurance to cover Tenant’s liability or Tenant’s property.  Tenant must obtain and pay for any insurance coverage desired by Tenant.
  21. Indemnification and Hold Harmless; Right of Entry; Assignment: Tenant agrees to indemnify and hold Agent and the Owner harmless to the extent allowed by law from and against any liability for personal injury or property damage sustained by any person (including Tenant and Tenant’s family and guests) during or relating to Tenant’s occupancy of the Property. Tenant agrees that Owner, Agent and/or their respective employees, agents and representatives may enter the Property during reasonable hours to inspect the Property or to make such repairs, alterations, or improvements thereto as Owner or Agent may deem appropriate or necessary. It is understood and agreed that Agent is retained by Owner to manage the Property for rental purposes and not to inspect, maintain, or repair the structural integrity of the Property. Owner will make arrangements with other independent contractors for those purposes. Tenant shall not assign this Agreement or sublet the Property in whole or in part without written permission of Agent.
  22. Applicable Law: This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Idaho and, in the event of a dispute, any legal action may be maintained only in Teton County, Idaho.
  23. Severability: Every provision of this Agreement is intended to be severable, and if any term or provision hereof shall be declared illegal or invalid under Idaho Law, or if the enforcement of any provision shall be waived in writing, the validity of the remainder of this Agreement shall not be affected thereby.
  24. Waiver:  Any waiver of a default hereunder shall not be deemed a waiver of this Lease or of any subsequent default.  Acquiescence in a default shall not operate as a waiver of such default, even though such acquiescence continues for an extended period of time.
  25. Court Costs and Attorney’s Fees:  In the event that the Landlord or Agent shall find it necessary to expend any monies in legally enforcing any provisions of this Lease, including the collection of rent or other charges due hereunder, Tenant agrees to pay all reasonable attorney’s fee and all expenses and costs incurred thereby, with or without suit, at trial and on appeal.
  26. Paragraph Headings: The headings of particular paragraphs are inserted only for convenience and are not part of this Lease and are not to act as a limitation on the scope of the particular paragraph to which the heading refers.
  27. Construction:  Whenever required by the context of this Lease, the singular shall include the plural and the masculine shall include the feminine and vice versa.  This Lease shall not be construed as if it has been prepared by one of the parties, but rather that both parties have prepared the same.
  28. Amendment:  This Lease may not be amended, modified or changed except in writing executed by both parties.
  29. Entire Agreement: This Agreement is the entire agreement between the parties with respect to the subject matter hereof, and no representations or covenants, whether oral or written, have been made regarding the subject matter hereof except as provided herein.